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Sevan Bicakci Padlocks: Lock, Stock, and a Few Smoking Pendants

You know I’ve been all about pendants lately; the best part is how unique each one can be. A padlock pendant is not original by any means, but there’s always an exception to the rule. These jewel-encrusted Sevan Bicakci locks are anything but ordinary. Variations like the circle lock ($6,815), featuring a fierce design of white, brown, and green diamonds, and the more feminine sapphire-accented tulip ($5,435) are distinctly unique. And then there’s the mack daddy ($13,640): the large padlock featuring a trio of massive black diamonds.

Hanging off the hearty gold and silver chain with black diamonds ($8,875), you get a gutsy statement pendant that’s all yours. Or get creative, and change the lock out on your Birkin. Even at these bold prices, you will still save more than springing for a diamond croc Birkin! All available at Barneys New York.

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