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Sophie Hulme Leather Suitcase: Industrial Revolution

There are times when I fully support throwing practicality right out the door. Now is one of those times. Sure, I never would use a suitcase without wheels (unless a strapping, young man is traveling with me to help!). But, like that strapping, young man, this old-fashioned Sophie Hulme suitcase is all about the fantasy. In glamorous navy-blue, it’s so amazing, I must have it…even if all I do is look at it. I daydream about traveling with old steamer trunks, boarding a big ship and traversing the globe for months. I do have a Italian Riviera cruise planned for next year, which is a start; I’d better get going on making my fantasy a reality.

Sophie Hulme collaborated with legendary heritage label Globe Trotter to bring us this perfection, handcrafted in England and coming complete with vintage hardware and perfectly detailed fastenings and corners. It’s all about the attention to detail. Even the interior lining is in authentically faded silk, a merlot and violet stripe pattern. Fit for Anna Karenina and fellow retrograde socialites, such a suitcase brings romance for centuries. On Net-a-Porter for $3,025.

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