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Sponge Sweet Basil Aromatherapy Mist: The Sweet Smell of Success

I’ve been using the Sponge’s Avocado Oil with great results. There is nothing like a good oil to nourish the skin, especially with all the traveling I’ve been doing recently. But during the day, especially immersed in crazy heat (when it this heat going to end?!?!), I need something more refreshing that will hydrate my face. Their Sweet Basil Aromatherapy Mist spray is the best. It’s like a breath of fresh farm air, but better because you don’t have to deal with the mud, manure, and other messy parts of being an actual farm. So it’s really more like a farmer’s market, with a true basil scent that is light and instantly relaxing when spritzed. It also has antioxidant benefits, as well as vitamins and minerals to restore the balance of healthy skin. Best of all, this mist is just nice to have, period. Particularly when you need a pick me up in the middle of the day. In fact, I’m spraying myself with it now, instead of opting for that third cup of coffee. At Barneys New York for $45.



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