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Tom Ford Jardin Noir: Strangers in the Night

I like to sample each new fragrance with my hubby and son before committing. After trying out all of the Tom Ford Jardin Noir fragrances and weighing in with the men in my life, my seven-year-old son chose Jonquille de Nuit. It’s a sweet and delicate scent that continues to linger without assaulting your olfactory senses. The list of notes reads like a visit to an exotic garden: wild Alpine cyclamen, acacia and angelica seeds, Egyptian violet leaf, and bitter orange leaf absolute, with a base of warm amber.

The runner-up was Cafe Rose (yes, I now have both, courtesy of Tom Ford beauty), a warm and rich scent that I save for date nights with the hubby. Knowing Tom, you know it’s not your average floral. Three precious rose essences – Rose de Mai, Turkish rose oil, and Bulgarian rose absolute – are laced with a spicy array. Think saffron and black pepper, coffee essence, incense resin, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli. Another pair of big wins for the unstoppable force that is Ford. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $205 each.



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  1. I adore Tom Ford Cafe Rose… This is my favorite, I also tried Jonquille de Nuit but it didn’t impress as the Cafe Rose, they say that the aroma differs from a person to another because of many factors such as skin color, skin type, age… So maybe Cafe Rose just suits me more ..