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Top 5 Fall Party Clutches: Don’t Be Tardy For This Party

Prada, Marni, Matthew Williamson, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta Clutches
Fall brings early holiday parties, but it’s also charity-event season, so you know what that means: it’s time to update your clutch collection. When taking inventory to refresh your bitty bags, remember while sure, you need your basic neutrals, a few times of year, you ought to be jovial. Why not take the opportunity to infuse statement clutches into your wardrobe to keep you (and fellow event-goers) on your toes?

1. Prada Raso Stones Box Clutch: Bringing new meaning to the term “jewel box,” this magnificent cluster is the most festive party favor I can imagine.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,100.

2. Bottega Veneta Rope & Python Clutch: Dark and mysterious, I love the way electric-purple python dangerously peeks through tufts of knotted rope.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,450.

3. Marni Embellished Clutch: Nothing says “party time” like an array of rhinestones and sequins that remind me of a burst of confetti and streamers.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,150.

4. Matthew Williamson Embellished Suede Clutch: Clusters of crystals and chains are fit for a queen against this royal shade of emerald. Tina may have ragged on Williamson’s last clutch, but I’m loving his newly decadent vibe!
On Net-a-Porter for $1,615.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Paillette-Embellished Crocheted Frame Clutch: An explosion of luscious sequins in this autumnal metal just can’t be called fool’s gold. This is the real deal.
On Net-a-Porter for $2,345.

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