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Vernissage Boxed Wine

I never thought there’d come a day when I’d not only feature boxed wine on my blog but have strong urges to serve it at my next cocktail party! Have you tasted the Bag-in-Bag wine from Vernissage yet?

17 thoughts on “Vernissage Boxed Wine

  1. Great idea….so fun!

  2. Where can you buy these fantastic Vernissage bag in bag wine purses?

  3. I really need to get one of these fort sisters birthday. She will absolutely love it. Where can I get my hands on one ASAP. It’s her bday soon;-^

  4. Where can I purchase these wine bags!

  5. where can i buy this wine in a bag in the uk

  6. Where can this purse wine be purchased? I need it now. Zip code. 14221

  7. Will someone answer these people????

  8. You can only order it from Squish Wines out in Napa California. Well ladies, here is to looking fabulous and drinking wine! Enjoy!

  9. do you have any update on this?

  10. Wanting to order this purse wine. Need it for mothers day. Whats the answer???

    Kelly Hatfield

  11. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite! 😉

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