B Brian Atwood Suede Sandals: Highs and Lows

It’s hard to find flats as good as their heel counterpart, but sometimes we get lucky! These B Brian Atwood suede sandals come in the high-heeled Laplata Cutout  and the flat Antonella. The laser cut intricacy of the geometric lattice look here is polished and chic. And the purple is the perfect shade to lend the pop of color I always require (available in black, as well, for the tamer crowd). Wearing heels is a sure fire means to kill it for the night, but pairing flats with a flouncy skirt or dress is an amazing way to show that your confidence is effortless. High heel Laplata for $425 and Flat Antonella is $375, both at Saks Fifth Avenue.

2 thoughts on “B Brian Atwood Suede Sandals: Highs and Lows

  1. Hi Shoe Snob Kelly!! I HOOOOPE you can help me! I’ve been searching for the designer of this shoe for 3 days now! Not only can I NOT find the designer’s name anywhere…but this is the only photo of the shoes I’ve seen.

    Thank you soo much in advance!


  2. Anonymous on said:

    His name is Brian Atwood, and you can find those sandals at zappos.com, but in a different color, also gilt.com

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