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Cleanlogic Encourages Us to Dine in the Dark

If there’s one thing that’s hard to do, it’s impress a group of beauty/fashion writers who go to one, if not more, events a night. But impressed we all were last week when a couple dozen bloggers and editors made their way to a loft space for a Cleanlogic event. After meeting the founder, who explained that he started the bath and body care line, committed to raising awareness as well as funds for those who struggle with blindness, because his mother is blind, we had a “Dining in the Dark” experience thanks to the folks at Dark Dining Projects. Check-out this segment that aired on Fox…it’s awesome! If you have the chance, I would highly recommend attending one of these dining in the dark events – seriously unforgettable.

Awesome event and great cause aside, I’m a big fan of the brand. I wrote about their soap/sponge hybrid a few weeks ago and have had a chance to try a few of their other products since. They just launched a 13-product green line, which includes mesh bath sponges, facial buffs, and moisture gloves and socks, all of which are made from materials like bamboo and ramie plants and natural loofah materials that are grown from the ground and everything comes packaged with the Cleanlogic’s signature Braille labels. I know it’s kind of early to be thinking about holiday, but seriously they have the BEST stocking stuffers. These socks are my favorite, but they have a done of other pampering finds for around $5.


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