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Delfina Delettrez Collar Shirt Diamond Necklace: Hot Under the Collar

Collars get a lot of attention. Blue collars, white collars, popped collars, etc. I think I’ve found my favorite, though – the diamond collar! Delfina Delettrez, a fourth generation Fendi, has created a truly unique jewel here. Her playful, and sometimes gothic designs are produced with mixed medias and unusual subjects (some pieces are inspired by the human body!). And while collar jewelry is becoming more and more popular all the time, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything quite like this! Instead of a draped look, this one is truly in the style of a stiff shirt collar. Almost like a brace, but one that you are happy to be locked into. It’s white gold patterned with pave diamonds (4,000 of them to be exact!), blue sapphires, and pink sapphires, so it’s certainly the most luxe option out there.

Available for $89,124 on Luisa Via Roma.



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