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Haute Hippie Breast Cancer Awareness Iconic Longhorn Tank: Wear in Good Health

One of my best friends was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer this week. I was with her a couple of days ago, and she told me to feel the lump so I’d know what to look for when I do my monthly self-exams. This is a beautiful woman with two kids and a devoted husband. It’s the first time someone so close to me has been afflicted with this terrible disease. She missed one mammogram due to another health condition. ONE MAMMOGRAM. It could have detected the cancer months ago. I’m confident she will get through this; she is strong and surrounded by loving family and friends.

I hope you all get mammograms regularly by the time you turn 40 and perform periodic self-exams. Another way to support the fight for a cure is to buy products that donate to the effort. If you’re looking for new T-shirt to buy anyway, why not get one that contributes to the cause? I am loving this tank from Haute Hippie, which gives 20% of the purchase price to the fight. With the brand’s trademark sense of boho-chic, it’s a great layering piece for sweaters to blazers and beyond. At Haute Hippie for $75.



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