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Hipsters for Sisters Belt Bags: Sister Act

Maybe I’ve been getting lazier, but I prefer to think I’m just becoming more efficient. I went to the Hollywood Bowl for a show the other night, and I had the sample of this belt bag, so I decided it was the right time to take it for whirl around town. This is the best thing ever for such occasions.

Unlike fanny packs, which are not cute, belt bags are totally chic. We’ve been spotting them on the runways lately, but the style hasn’t exactly hit the streets in full force…yet. Hipsters for Sister’s hands-free design looks like a clutch on its own (an eco-friendly label, black veritas and exotic fawn manage to look and feel like real skin), but it’s the belt that makes it. It’s got rings that swivel so you can wear it low on your hip or up high at your waist. But the real genius: you can swivel completely, so you can use it as a shoulder bag if you don’t want it on your hip anymore, which is exactly what I did after the show when I went to grab a drink at a bar. Heightening the sense of dressiness, these touches of hardware also give it creditability as a bag, and the price is a no-brainer. This is something you can keep on hand for practical affairs, never effecting your bigger budget items. At Hipsters for Sisters for $265.



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