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Isabel Marant Spring 2013 Collection: Fashion House

Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2013 Collection; Top, Pants, Skirt, Belt

Isabel Marant‘s Spring 2013 collection is finally available! I’ve been waiting patiently ever since I saw the runway show. This really might be her best collection yet. These are the pieces I ended up ordering from Moda Operandi. It took so much self-control and careful editing (I actually had half of the collection in my basket, then trimmed it down from there) not to buy everything. I’m going to build my wardrobe around these selections.

Building a wardrobe is a lot like building a house (and sometimes, just as expensive!). First, you choose a strong foundation piece. Don’t be afraid to spend money on this – the foundation is the most important part. Then, follow with a few key pieces, and finish off with accessories. The pants ($720) will be the foundation of my spring ’13 wardrobe. They are so strong and powerful that I don’t plan to wear the matching shirt from the runway. Instead, I’ll pair them with my own leather-sleeved t-shirts, lace shirts, and even tank tops from Target. The belt, though, is a completely necessary accessory to pull off the pants, or else it’s like a window without any sort of treatment – unfinished! You can find different options, but Isabel’s belt ($355) isn’t outrageously priced, so stick with it.

I’m also splurging on the red leather embellished skirt ($1,900), another strong foundation piece that I can mix and match, wear with anything and everything. Next are the Bertille Skirt ($685) and the Alicia Top ($540). I generally don’t follow outfits exactly as shown on runways because I think it lacks imagination, but I love how this looks like a dress. The top can also be worn with the pants or the red leather skirt, so it’s very versatile. These are the key pieces I’ll be building my wardrobe around. If you can only afford one piece, go with the pants – they’re a major statement. You can wear a $5 shirt from Target with it, and you will still look fabulous.



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