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Jil Sander Coats: Loose Layers

The best thing about cold weather is, of course, the chance to wear coats. For me, there is nothing else nice about cold weather (now that I no longer can ski!). You need one good coat for the season. I’m not for a super-fitted coat, it’s just uncomfortable, especially when you are layering underneath. I find myself always reaching for the easy coat, so why not splurge on something I know I’ll be wearing all the time? I always calculate cost per wear! Jil Sander’s exquisite tailoring is showcased in these strikingly minimalist coats. They’re gorgeous, timeless, and always flattering! These soft two tone coats come in cashmere and wool (guess which one is more expensive?). The cashmere Melton coat ($7,890) is as decadent as can be, but even the wool cocoon coat ($2,100) is super lightweight and luscious. The cashmere comes in white with a light pink interior, while the wool is available in camel/pink or pink/beige, and has a hidden snap closure for those cooler nights.

Jil Sander coats are available at Luisa Via Roma.



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