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Jil Sander Maia Faith and Promise Appliquéd Leather Clutches: Word Up

This season, Jil Sander may be going rather retro with their take on schoolhouse rock, via a cavalcade of letterman-appliquéd sweats and pullovers, but they’re also being quite high-tech, if you think about it. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, over-sharing is now caring. We all know how everyone else feels, craves, and loves on a regular basis, so why not take it a step further and wear your beliefs on your bag?

Their Maia Faith (on Net-a-Porter for $700) and Promise clutches (on My Theresa for $734) send a positive vibe in campy-meets-chic fashion. It would not be Jil without all-around sleekness, but these flourishes of wordage are designed to make you smile. And hopefully even think! A scripted clutch may seem like a fleeting trend, but when the message is this meaningful, it won’t go out of style (or at least, it will surely come back). You’ve gotta have faith, but then again, a promise is a promise. So which of these promising clutches will you be more faithful to?



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