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Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Summer Sandal: My Beautiful Light Twisted Fantasy

Don’t call her a gold-digger; this girl is all about alabaster. Rap mogul Kanye West has joined forces with shoe mogul Giuseppe Zanotti to created a masterpiece of a shoe, carved from what has been constructed to look like real-life alabaster. Called the Cruel Summer sandal, in honor of Kanye‘s newly released album of the same name, it mimics the album art featuring a leaf-meets-flame design. The pure-white shoe-turned-sculpture is almost too pretty to wear (and I don’t really need to know what blisters caused from carved alabaster feel like). Besides, getting this sandal dirty would feel like something of a tragedy. The unlikely duo was going for a distinctly sculptural, serpentine look, and mission accomplished. Unlike their last collaboration, this doesn’t go up in flames. Fans of Giuseppe and Yeezy alike will appreciate the creation, even if it is strictly for display.



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