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Kate Spade New York Woodpecker Wood-Printed Patent Leather Clutch: Knock On Wood

Suddenly, I have the urge to go bird-watching. I’m not talking crack-of-the-dawn mornings and big binoculars but spying a sweet golden woodpecker perched atop my clutch. Kate Spade is really impressing me with their bags as of late, from paint sets to this new wooden wonder. High on creativity and low on kitsch, Kate Spade is letting their freak flag fly. Or shall I say chic flag?

Don’t be fooled: this streamlined clutch isn’t freshly chopped chestnut; it’s a patent-leather illusion. Being this innovative without resorting to weird antics is an admirable feat, and this heavily furrowed pattern reads as the real thing, without the heavy stiffness of true timber. Whimsical and fun: it’s the Kate Spade of the new millennium! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $382.

Pair with: A pair of wildly print satin Roberto Cavalli pants with an equally wild flare will bring a sense of fearlessness to your naturalistic clutch. What saves them from being too crazy: the neutral color palette. On Net-a-Porter for $2,715.

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  1. Tina- in case you were unaware… (doubt that very seriously!) it is Friends & Family at Kate Spade until tomorrow Sunday 10/21…so that means We can purchase the wooden clutch for 30% OFF 🙂 on line & in stores! I’m just saying…!!!