Louis Vuitton Leopard Chenille Speedy: Full Speed Ahead?

The leopard is one of the fastest creatures in the jungle, so it only makes sense that its spots have been appropriated to a Louis Vuitton classic: the Speedy bag. Though it looks the Speedy has slowed down a few miles per hour. The name stays the same, but updated for a more modern vibe, it now has more structure and doesn’t flop down.

It’s undeniably cute. I appreciate a good, graphic leopard-print, and this one really pops, but then there’s the chosen material. Uh, straight-out chenille, like sofa upholstery! Who even cares that it’s trimmed in well-stitched leather? I sure don’t. The price is plain unjustifiable – almost three-grand for sofa fabric? That’s just insulting. It is totally adorable for fall and thank goodness (and thank Marc) it doesn’t have any damn monograms, but for the preposterous price? No way! This wild kitty can stay in the jungle, and out of my pocketbook. Available for $2,750 at Louis Vuitton stores and shockingly selling out fast.

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