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Lulu Frost x J.Crew: Dynamic Duo

Lulu Frost for J. Crew Collaboration Earrings and Bracelets

Spend a hundred to look like a million: that’s the secret to J.Crew dressing. The brand is just getting better and more expansive, and their latest capsule collection brings the feminine-costume sensibility of Lulu Frost into the mix. This collaboration is for the snobs who love to sparkle (namely, ME!).

Tortoiseshell resin combined with marcasite crystals  makes for a perfect antique-meets-modern vibe, and the bracelet ($85) looks especially refined worn with matching earrings ($78). As for the fancy petal bracelet ($118), it looks like a genuine heirloom from Grandma. This is fancy flair you can wear in the daytime, ideal for dressing up cashmere sweaters, distressed jeans, and white T-shirts; then leave it on as you translate your look into night. Looks like we all could benefit from a little frosting, J.Crew included.



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