Snob Essentials

Lynn Ban Silver & Enamel Smoking Lips Lariat Necklace: Bad Habit, Good Jewelry

I neither like nor want to promote smoking, but you have to love this lariat necklace (at Barneys New York for $750) full of attitude! This kind of strong character (even if it is a flawed one) is what makes jewelry so fun! You can get downright silly sometimes, and still maintain your chic style. Lynn Ban is the queen of the rough and tumble accessory (think razor blades and jagged knuckle rings). A true badass to give us tips on how to be cool. The red-lipped enamel pendant on her long silver necklace is provocative, yet completely unapologetic. As an art historian, Ban flirts with bold imagery and pop art, forcing onlookers to not only admire, but also think about what you’re wearing. And who doesn’t want to be the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips?



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