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Marchesa Parfum D’Extase: Liquid Crystal


I judge a perfume by its bottle, and I don’t feel in the least bit bad about that. After all, it’s displayed on my vanity 24/7, and (even though I’m the only person looking) I like to look at beautiful things. Luckily, Marchesa’s debut scent, Parfum D’Extase, smells just as pretty as it looks.

I half expected Marchesa’s fragrance to be strong, so the light florals that gave way to fresh and woody notes were surprising. Iris, freesia, and star anise are some of the main players here, and the results are rich and intoxicating. And can I just say again how beautiful the bottle is?! Each has individually set crystals, establishing consistent style with Marchesa’s glam designs. “We looked at our handbags and the signature crystals they have, and we really wanted to incorporate that element,” Georgina Chapman told WWD. The bottle is like an accessory in itself. I almost want to wear it around my neck. But that seems somewhat impractical, so for now, I’ll just spritz on the scent!

Available exclusively at Sephoraicon for $85.



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