Milly Zoey Clutch and Satchel: Magical Milly Tour

Each season, Milly continues to up the ante, surprising us with herr delightfully sweet – and often unique – take on affordable bags, worthy of the snob with a closet full of Chanel, Céline, and Hermès. Coincidence? I think not. Designer Michelle “Milly” Smith was the first American granted an internship at Hermes headquarters in Paris. No wonder the understated-handbag savant’s pieces possess a luxe European feel.

Hot pink stripes could easily cheapen the loveliest of bags, but Milly’s unabashed way with the bright hue injects the classic bowling bag ($435 with a girlish twist, one that says, “flirty, fun-loving woman,” not “in-denial lady-child.” While the bowler can perk up the gloomiest of office settings, the clutch ($325 exudes a completely different feel – even though it boasts the exact pattern and color scheme. How does she do it? It’s all about proportion play. I would love to double up on both and carry a piped-pink theme throughout my day: bowler til sunset and clutch for the hours beyond. Available on ShopBop.

2 thoughts on “Milly Zoey Clutch and Satchel: Magical Milly Tour

  1. I like this bag, that’s so nice! especially the color.

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