Mutsy Grow-Up Infant Child Booster Seat: A Real Pick-Me-Up

This is a really nice-looking booster seat, if there is actually such a thing. I guess there is now! Seriously, Mutsy’s seat is the best you’ll get. I like the idea of a booster over a high-chair, especially if you are cramped for room, and this one will blend right in to your kitchen or dining room without ruining the atmosphere.

It also has all the practical goodies going for it: secures tightly to any four-legged chair, is easily removed for portability and when company comes you can tuck it away in a flash, and light enough to tote to restaurants. The smooth cushion makes it comfy, so they won’t complain about being stuck in a chair, and unlike most boosters, this has a five-point harness option to keep wiggly tots in place. It’s also easy to clean, which is key. It’s the best of both worlds between plastic (clean but uncomfortable) and upholstered (too many crevices for food to get stuck but cozy). Finally, one chair that multitasks and grows with your tot. Choose a color that blends with your décor, and your tot won’t be the only one with a boost. On Amazon for $65.

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