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Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusions: Diamonds are Forever

I just sampled the newest wonder from Natura Bisse. The night treatment ($590) promises to change your skin within a week. That’s a pretty big promise! Designed to rejuvenate skin 35 years or older, this infusion uses a natural magnetite to slow the aging process. The makers discovered patent-pending ingredients called bio-magnet nanosomes that improve your skin without irritating it or making you sun sensitive. I haven’t used anything from Natura Bisse for a while (I like to switch off on beauty products), but I have been obsessed with diamond cream since college. Can you blame me? So, of course, I ripped open my sample (one week use), and slathered it all over my face and neck. In a week, I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference, but I definitely tell you that my skin is tighter. I’m about the take the plunge and buy a full-size bottle, but at almost $600, I’m a bit hesitant!



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  1. Wow, great article, seems like you enjoyed the product! Could this product be used on any skin type, and do you need to rinse it off your face in the morning, or does it dissolve into the skin?

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only reader who gagged at the price point. And I am skeptical of the claims, too. If you check the reviews on, for example, you’ll see that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good results. This product is pure silliness. Don’t be a sucker!

  3. Hey Tina, aren’t there a ton of products at 1/10 the price that tighten a bit after a week? Save your cash and buy some jewelry, you look great!

  4. I thought the price tag was insane too, but after using 2 sample packets along with the Diamond White serum I’m sucked in. The combination of these two serums along with monthly Q-Switch treatment have lighten my melasma. I’m waiting for the next Beauty Event at Neimans to buy a full size bottle of both. If anyone knows a treatment that works on melasma please let me know. I’ve tried everything – hydroquinone, Ellure, Obagi, azelic acid, vitamin c serum, and a long list of whitening products and nothing works like the Diamond Life Infusion and Diamond White.