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Nicholas Kirkwood Mixed Media Platform Mary Jane Pumps: Addicted to Love

Here it is: my shoe of the season! (okay, only one of them, but it’s not my fault I fall in love weekly). Yes, they are painful, and I can’t even try to convince myself they’re not. Yes, I almost fell walking in them, but that is my own fault. These shoes are not meant for walking; they are straight car-to-bar shoes. And finally, yes, I absolutely had to have them, and it’s all worth it!

Fabulous nude pumps are hard to come by, but so very necessary and no, I cannot get on board with Anna Wintour‘s nude Manolo kitten heels by the dozen. Kirkwood, on the other hand, is like a mind-reader when it comes to the pair I crave (lucky for him, he doesn’t have to walk in his own shoes). This pair, with that hot-meets-cool coral platform, plus the textures of snake and suede, are literally the shoes to wear with everything this season! Besides, walking is overrated anyway. Kirkwood is habit I officially refuse to kick. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $875.



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