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Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream Gel: Summer Is a State of Hair

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Product on Bag Snob's Tina Craig

The days of summer have come and gone, but I am committed to a head of beachy waves year-round (even if I’m attending a black tie gala!), and Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave, a texturizing cream-gel, helps me achieve just that. From wearing Bottega Veneta runway gowns to leather jeans during fashion week– I rarely leave home without my curls! Of course, it’s always best if you have naturally curly hair to begin with (in my opinion!), but I get the same natural-looking results from digital perms and products like Ultimate Wave. Like other beach-ifying products, this one separates tendrils and creates tousled waves, but unlike others, it’s also humidity-resistant, so no frizz, which tends to be a problem with lots of beach sprays. Plus, it’s creamy, your locks won’t be left with a sticky residue. I used it almost daily during fashion week– my 14 hour days usually ended with swollen feet, sore back, but a head of perfect tousled waves.

If you have curly hair or are just obsessed with curls, submit your Curl Confessions on Paul Mitchell’s Facebook page using: #CurlConfession.

To try out Ultimate Wave, find a salon near you.
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