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Rachel Zoe’s Morrison Tote Bag: Drab to Fab

Rachel Zoe Morrison Bag
Looking at Rachel Zoe’s style during Paris Fashion Week left me with one thought – Does the outfit make the bag or does the bag make the outfit? A time-honored fashion question. In Zoe’s case, I have to say that the outfit (and the perfectly tailored woman) makes the bag. Worn with her signature pantsuit in electric blue, the Morrison tote is as chic as can be. Standing alone, though, the purse is a bit drab. I do like the polished golden hardware (inspired by Sang A?). Doesn’t it stand out beautifully paired with her draped necklace? You don’t need to be Rachel Zoe to pull off the look, but it doesn’t hurt to take tips from the designer herself. And the bag comes with a detachable crossbody strap if you want to try something different.

The Morrison is available in black, cognac, and olive for $550 at Neiman Marcus. So what’s the final say: snob or slob?



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  2. The question is – would an ordinary person using that bag make it look insignificant? Zoe is so petite the bag stands out more.