RED Valentino Lace Top-Handle Bag: A Leap In the Dark

You wouldn’t think I’d like this bag. In fact, I wouldn’t think I’d like this bag, but I surprise even myself sometimes. It just goes to show, it’s not necessarily the concept that counts, but the execution. RED Valentino has beautifully handled what could have easily turned into a train wreck (or a sad sack of black scraps from the crafts store).

The way the ribbons have been handled is not too much; as a matter of fact, it’s just enough. Tone-on-tone black helps when you’re talking this much texture, and the mix of rough satin and lace gives this monochrome bag some pop…If a black bag can really “pop.” Combined with a slouchy shape and market-bag handles, it conveys playful instead of prissy. Finally, that zipper found along the side is a great addition of hardware that makes the bag even less girly – and it’s useful for keeping your phone handy. On ShopBop for $495.

Pair with: A boyish cap that’s cute but not too cute. Eugenia Kim’s Elyse hat is Marine-inspired and snob-approved. At Barneys New York for $220.

One thought on “RED Valentino Lace Top-Handle Bag: A Leap In the Dark

  1. Awesome looking bag. Love it.

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