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Rosantica Principessa 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Freshwater Pearl Headband: Crown Jewel

Can a princess have too many tiaras? Don’t make me even answer that question! My ongoing obsession with royal paraphernalia, juvenile (and embarrassing to family members) as it might be, continues full force. Oscar de la Renta’s headband-style gems got me going – because a headband is, by definition, most certainly not a tiara. Thanks to Rosantica’s aptly titled Principessa headband, I don’t have to slow down just yet.

With a shape that’s abstract and perfectly imperfect freshwater pearls, arranged in an off-kilter, naturalistic manner, it’s a rustic rendition. The princess who wears this is less of a pink-and-pouf kind of girl and more of a forest-nymph or beach-goddess type. Who says something has to sparkle to really shine? This may not have crystals or gemstones, but that’s precisely why I like it. It’s subtle…well, relatively speaking. No doubt I’ll be holding court in a contemporary tiara for seasons to come (just don’t tell anyone I called it that!). Join me in the fight for unapologetic glamour!

Exclusively on Net-a-Porter for $345. (They say it’s for a bridal look, but who’s checking?)



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