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Serge Lutens Make Up Remover Pads: Remover and Shaker

There are make up remover wipes for those long days when you don’t have the time or energy to hunker down for a good wash, but these Serge Lutens pads are no compromise! They remove the heaviest of eye make up (even that annoying waterproof stuff) without leaving a trace behind. The towelettes are convenient when traveling or for moments of just pure, unadulterated laziness. But they are amazing for daily use, better than anything else I’ve ever tried! The pads are soaked with a cleansing oil that cleans AND moisturizes, unlike that of so many of their competitors that dry out and irritate your skin. The one issue, of course, is the price (you get what you pay for, I guess). Even in a fifty-pack, they’re not very cost effective to use every day. But you still need to have them on hand for those hectic days! At Barneys New York for $35.



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