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Theodent Toothpaste: Toothpaste Snob

I’ve been a huge fan of Marvis toothpaste for years. I even brought back a bunch from when I was in Europe (I’m a bit of toothpaste snob). But now I’ve found something even better! Theodent is the latest in toothpaste innovation. Actually, there haven’t been any advancements in toothpaste since it was invented 100 years ago. While I love a good standby, there are just some things in life that we should always be trying to improve, and dental care is definitely one of them. We’ve all had fluoride, and while it’s great at preventing tooth decay, we’re in trouble if we swallow too much of it because of the toxicity. They warn you about that, especially if you’re a kid who swallows while brushing (gag). Yet, there has been no real alternative – until now! Theodent’s fluoride substitute comes from the ingredients found in the cocoa bean. That’s right – chocolate! This alternative is marketed as Rennou, and is supposedly better than fluoride at rebuilding tooth enamel. I am a chocolate fanatic, and eat it for my health because of the antioxidants (diet be damned!!). But now this? Cocoa is nature’s perfect plant!

First of all, the packaging is beautiful. It looks like a tube of luxury moisturizer with its metallic gold cap and sleek profile. And to be clear, it doesn’t taste like chocolate (although, they are developing that option). It has a light mint flavor. I kind of like super strong mint, so it was a bit too mild for me. I don’t actually have cavities, so I cannot comment on cavity prevention. But my five-year-old does, so she’ll start using this STAT! Rennou is totally non-toxic, so it’s safe for tots. There is a gritty residue after brushing, which isn’t bad if you think about it. It’s probably pretty good for polishing and cleaning. After brushing, I felt like I had just had my teeth professionally cleaned. They were shiny and felt super smooth. My dentist told me it’s the buildup of things like coffee and red wine (guilty and guilty) that causes teeth yellowing, and that’s why you need to polish your teeth on a regular basis to remove the accumulation. Let’s see if this toothpaste can do the trick! Using it with my Sonic Care, it’s like having a dental cleaning twice a day (except it’s pain-free!). And if you want toothpaste with an even higher concentration of Rennou, Theodent 300 ($99.99 for a pack of 10) is available (and still safe for kids). You can only get it in your doctor’s office or through the Theodent website, though. Theodent Classic ($9.99), on the other hand, is available online or at Whole Foods. I would start with that one before upgrading and committing to the 300.



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