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Tiffany & Co. Legacy Gemstones: I Am Legend

There are jewels, and then there are JEWELS. Gasp-inducing, heart-thumping, family-heirloom jewels that Liz Taylor would have really appreciated. Tiffany & Co.’s newest Legacy Gemstones clearly fall into the latter category.

With a lookbook featuring models worthy of such sparkle (like Doutzen Kroes and Karen Elson), we are talking major carats and hundreds of diamonds. Jean Schlumberger’s whimsical platinum Stars and Moons necklace consists of 587 diamonds totaling over 125 carats. The Morganite (with a bow that dances around a plump 2K Tiffany Novo diamond) and Tanzanite necklaces, both Anniversary pieces, also flaunt too many rocks to count.

You can snap up the Butterfly brooch of pink and colorless diamonds for a cool $175,000, and pin it in your hair to feel like a bona fide fairy princess, but my favorite just might be the cocktail ring, featuring a 25.29-carat kunzite, mounted in diamonds and platinum. From marquise to yellow to white diamonds, from tsavorites to spessartites and beyond (even if you can’t pronounce them, you know they’re good news), splendor like this doesn’t come around everyday. A girl can dream, can’t she? Other prices available upon request at Tiffany & Co.




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  3. I absolutely love the dress the model is wearing for the legacy gemstone necklace. The pick dress with the grey tie. I would love to wear this dress for prom! I can’t find it anywhere though! I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me who designed it and where I could buy it. Thank you so much!!!