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All You Need is Love: The Importance of a Mother’s Love

If you’re reading Tot Snob, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re providing a world of love for your tots (if cute clothes and awesome gear is anywhere near a major concern, the love is most certainly flowing in abundance in all areas!). A new report just came out on the Medical Daily claiming that a mother’s love directly affects the development of her child’s brain. Side-by-side brain scans illustrate the shocking difference between a nurtured child and a neglected one, and the disparity is nothing short of horrifying. The scans are of three-year olds. It’s astonishing that such a distinction is evident this early, but doctors point out that 80 percent of brain cells grow in the first two years. Tots with loving mothers will end up smarter and more empathetic than their counterparts, while babes with smaller brains will be prone to drug addiction, violence, and unemployment. So, give your precious tots extra kisses today! It may not always seem like it means that much to them, but now we know that our love truly is what makes them grow.



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