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Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project DVD Series

I always knew Tracy Anderson had a huge following, but it wasn’t until we ran a giveaway on Beauty Snob that I truly realized how much Anderson has impacted women around the world. I loved reading all of the readers’ comments and hearing their inspirational stories/lofty goals and so I was all the more excited when I was invited to attend a luncheon hosted by the fitness queen, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Christy Turlington. I have seen Anderson a few times in person and have worked out in her Hamptons studio in the past (the first time I met her she told me that I was “blessed with a dancer’s body” – I nearly passed out from her flattery…). The event was held  in celebration of the launch of the Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project DVD series, which is a box set of nine DVDs to guide mothers-to-be through their pregnancies. What a genius idea! As someone who takes their fitness regimen very seriously I can’t imagine giving it up were I to get pregnant. It’s amazing that Anderson has put something like this together to help pregnant women stay active while protecting themselves and their future baby. Better yet Anderson filmed each of the nine DVDs in real time (she just recently gave birth).

In addition to the workouts, the series contains interviews with doctors, mothers, Tracy’s clients, and various experts on pregnancy. One of my favorite brands, Mama Mio, is featured along with, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow and Christy Turlington. DVDs aside I was able to check-out some of Anderson’s favorite products at the event and among the most notable healthy ones – pregnant or not – were Healthy Warrior Chia Bars (OMG…these taste amazing), Body & Eden, Tea of a Kind, and Greek Yogurt Bars.

Learn more about the DVD box set here and click here for a recent review of Anderson’s signature workout.


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