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Travel Goodie Bags: Enjoy Your Flight!

As I prepare for our trip to Hawaii the first thing I always plan for is the plane ride. What can I do to make it fun for them so they will leave me alone? Given my tots are seasoned travelers and are not babies anymore so that alone makes traveling easier. But occupying them and making them happy on the plane (or car ride) is key. Of course I have a DVD player with a library of movies handy but packing a goodie bag makes them feel like the plane ride is a special occasion that is fun!

I try to pack as many healthy options as possible (Plum Kids Organic products are really amazing) but it’s best to leave perishables out (plus you can pack it in advance). To make my life easier, I got Sesame Street paper bags to make it festive but also the fact that everything can be tossed is imperative. You can get these bags at the market, they have different options. Of course, no drinks – so save that for the airport. I also put activity books in there – I do not recommend coloring books because those require many crayons that will inevitably fall on the floor and you will be spending the entire flight picking them up.

Enjoy your flight!



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  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing…always so tricky to find what will calm a kid during a long flight! Safe travels! 😀