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Trend Talk: Burberry Beauty Giveaway!

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty/InStyle Event

I had so much fun tweeting and co-hosting the Burberry Trend Talk event with InStyle Magazine! The ultimate highlight was meeting the InStyle Style Ambassador Tai Beauchamp. Not only is she gorgeous (and TALL!), but she was so much fun to dish beauty with. And I loved meeting all of the Beauty Snobs who attended the event. If you haven’t tried Burberry Beauty, you are seriously missing out. It is hands-down one of the best beauty lines on the market. The Sheer Luminous Concealer ($40) has a brush applicator that makes it so easy to blend. It’s creamy without being heavy, and the full coverage hides all of last night’s sins! The Effortless Mascara ($28) is great for layering because it doesn’t dry or clump! My favorite has to be the Lip Mist ($30), though. It’s like a lipstick, gloss, and balm all in one! For girls who want a hint of color and shine, the Mist will be their best friend. Find all of Burberry Beauty’s products at Nordstrom.

We are giving away a Burberry Beauty basket with a $100 Nordstrom gift card! To win, tell us what your favorite iconic British fashion item is (mine is the Burberry Trench, natch!). Please leave your choice in the comments section below. We will select the winner next Friday October 26th at 5 p.m. EST.

Burberry Beauty Lipstick, Concealer, Mascara

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event

Tina Craig at Burberry Beauty Event



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  1. When I was very young, I remember my mom having wome yardly lipstick with the union jack on the lid! It was all very cool. Wish they would bring them back.

  2. My favorite Burberry iconic piece has to be the Marystow Trench coat!! I have two colors, it fits sooo amazingly well and it’s a staple in my closet. Love!

  3. My favorite is the mod mini skirt! Sadly, I don’t have the figure to pull it off, but it’s always been one of my top “if only” styles

  4. Vivienne Westwood Platform Brogues. Her quote “Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal” is just as fabulous as she is!

  5. I don’t even have a Burberry scarf, let alone a trench, but I love the iconic plaid! Thanks for the fun blog and contest! 🙂

  6. The Burberry trench of course! There isn’t an iconic item I love more in the entire world. And that is not an exaggeration! It is so classic and neutral and yet so not boring 🙂

  7. Mine is not quite a British fashion item (although I really like wearing my trench coat!), but I love the Twiggy lashes. I wear at least 3 coats of mascara daily..sometimes more (: I do also love Burberry beauty. Have a couple of eyeshadows (they all blend seamlessly), and blushes. Have also tried their foundations, and am probably going to pick up a bottle soon.

  8. Oh I love Burberry! I don’t know if this counts as fashion but I am in love with the Burberry Brit scent. The bottle is just so iconic. Can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Burberry scarf, either. I don’t have one but man, wish Santa would bring me one of those babies. Can’t wait to try the new Burberry cosmetics.

  9. I adore Burberry, but I have to say my all-time favorite British piece of fashion is the McQueen knuckle-duster clutch.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. Burberry Boyfriend Biker Jacket b/c you can dress it up with a dress or wear it just with jeans and a cute top. Thanks for this cool giveaway.

  11. The most iconic British fashion item, to me, are Wellington boots (Wellies!) — not only are they versatile, making the transition from practical rain boot to statement footwear, they are instantly recognizable as quintessentially British.

  12. Oh my gosh yes, the trench! I have a Burberry bucket hat but I’d die (almost) for a trench!
    Can we consider Stella McCartney as inconic British Fashion? I know she hasn’t been around that long but I love her stuff and her father is an icon…

  13. My mother had a Burberry trench that I’ve been coveting for years. Someday I’m going to treat myself to one of my own!

  14. The Burberry trench is the most iconic British fashion piece, and the Burberry scarf the most iconic accent to it. Both spell classic British Statement to all who see them.

  15. I would have to say “wellies.” I find them very useful in the Montauk weather, hiking through the woods, walking on the beach in winter, but also, they’ve gotten so cute!

  16. On the top of my wish list is a Burberry trench! I have the boots coming in the mail and can’t wait to get them. I live in Portland, Oregon and it rains all the time. I need both the trench and the boots!!

  17. My favorite is my Burberry charm watch. It is very special to me both for it’s beauty and the occasion and person who gave it to me!

  18. I would have to say 2 are my fav.
    1.Twiggy Face of the 60’s ( not the anorexic looking body-another day another discussion ).
    2. Alexander McQueen clutch.

  19. My favorite Burberry item is the perfume Burberry Touch. Incredible scent! Absolutely a classic. In a close second would be the classic other Burberry accessory–the scarf. 🙂

  20. My favorite British fashion item has to be Burberry’s fragrance “Brit”. It definitely gives a sensual aspect to your outfit in a very British way. I love it, despite me not being British, it makes me feel like I have my own little British flair.

  21. This one isn’t necessarily a fashion item, but when I was living in London, all the ladies loved to carry their oyster cards (used to ride the tube)in designer card holders. Mine is from Mulberry and it’s a cheerful poppy color. QUINTESSENTIALLY BRITISH for the London traveler! <3

  22. I love their trench coat, and matching scarf and glove set. Also, their makeup and perfume, are also gorgeous and elegant.

  23. Well, I am going to be a trailblazer and say the Burberry trench. There is a reason everyone loves it- classic all the way!

  24. My favorite British fashion item has to be wellington boots! I can’t live without my Hunters, practical and cute!

  25. I love the Burberry Plaid and have seen it on the lining of raincoats, umbrellas, and shirts. Even the dogs can have outfits showing off this famous plaid. I have a vintage Burberry skirt which is long and has a big decorative pin to keep the wrap closed. I also have a scarf with the plaid and can wear to make my outfit preppy.

  26. What makes British fashion so wonderful is how timeless and enduring it is. But the one accessory that will truly never go out of style? A gorgeous English boy on your arm, keeping you both dry in the London rain with a classic old-fashioned black umbrella.

  27. My Favorite Burberry item is the Burberry Scarf…You can pair it with anything to style up or down any look and look Chic.

  28. I love Burberry my very first splurge was the eyeshadow midnight purple love it its amazing the quality of Burberry the packaging is great so worth every penny!