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Votre Vu Paris France Le Jolie Crayon: Smear Campaign

A bold eye is key for Fall ’13. It usually feels right to go for smokiness at summer’s end, but this year, more than ever, calls for a deep, mysterious gaze. I’ve been using felt-tipped pen liners for their ease of application and precision of line, but when I need smudging (intentional, of course), there is nothing like a crayon pencil! Many will smear (unintentionally) within minutes and then run halfway down your cheek by the end of the day or night. And even when it doesn’t end up on your cheekbone, trust me, the difference between purposeful and accidental smudginess is super-obvious.

Finally, I’ve found one that smudges without fading or smearing. Votre Vu’s soft eyeliner is a gel-like pencil that feels like liquid liner but allows you time to feather, blend, and smudge your way to Kate Moss-worthy eyes. It has a soft yet firm sponge-tip to blend without pulling at skin (and creating more wrinkles!), and their botanically harvested candelilla wax is the key to its silky application. The wax also serves as a water-resistant layer that seals in the dark pigments for all-day sultriness.

In Charbon and Aubergine at Votre Vu for $23 ($16.10 if you’re a brand ambassador).



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