VOZ Clutch: Ethical and Beautiful

Voz Clutch, Charitable Foundation

VOZ means “voice” in Spanish, so it’s an apt moniker for a company trying to spread the word on creating quality fashions that effect social change. By providing design education workshops to Mapuche weavers in Southern Chile, VOZ empowers women to make a sustainable living while employing their very own ancestral traditions. These highly skilled artisans collaborate with fashion designers to weave their rich patterns into contemporary styles. The company sells dresses, outerwear, and scarves, but in true Bag Snob style, I went straight for the clutches. The hand-made pieces are constructed from natural wool fibers that are sourced locally and dyed naturally (with mud, berries, and herbs!) to minimize environmental impact. They come in four different patterns and just as many color combos. My favorite is the horizontal wheat pattern in black and white (sold-out, but they will make you one!). Support talented artisans and environmentally responsible practices, all while getting a luxury clutch? It doesn’t get much more rewarding.

On VOZ for $189.

2 thoughts on “VOZ Clutch: Ethical and Beautiful

  1. Absolutely love this designer clutches!! Especially the patterns and the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. Such a great combo and investment.

  2. Lawgirlnyc on said:

    LOVE these bags… it’s tough to find a beautiful clutch that works for daytime, and at such a great price!

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