Worst Hair Looks Spring 2013

Sleek sophistication at Jil Sander, origami perfection at Gucci…there were SO many fantastic hair looks this season. But come on, we all know that the bad is so much more entertaining than the good and to that end….here’s a look at some of the worst:)

Kinder Aggugini: Oy…I feel so bad for these models…Can you imagine brushing this nest after the show?

The Blonds: If anyone needs some Halloween inspiration…

Mark Fast: The only thing missing from this 90s rapper look is a boombox.

Betsey Johnson: Psych-ward chic!?

Rue du Mail: The bedhead look taken just a little too literally.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label: No words….!

Images: WWD, nymag.com

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