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Aptiva Natural Soaps

Apivita has been around since the 70s so I’m scolding myself that it wasn’t until very recently that I found out about the line. What caught my attention was that their extensive range is based on the honey bee (love honey!! Eating it and applying it topically…). The brand’s soaps were the first to be made with propolis (see here for some of the human benefits) and come in six varieties – propolis, chamomile, citrus, olive, honey, and seaweed ($6.50 each). They’re 100% natural and filled with essential oils so they leave skin smooth and each of them are formulated for a different skin condition, which is rare for soap bars. So they’ve got chamomile for sensitive skin and children, propolis for oily and combination, etc. The one downside to these natural, moisturizing bars is that they don’t last all that long…the unfortunate price to pay for lots of skin healthy essential oils. It’s pretty worth it though when you step out of the shower smooth and smelling like honey and lavender..mmm 🙂


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