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Azature Black Diamond: World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish

World's Most Expensive Nail Polish

Wear your jewels on your nails! No, I’m not talking about sticking on little stones – brush on luxe coats of diamonds. Azature, a Hollywood jewelry designer who calls himself “the Black Diamond King,” has created the world’s most expensive nail polish. Made from 267 carats of black diamonds, the bottle (only one was made) will go for a quarter of a million dollars! Kelly Osborne sported a sample of it to the Emmys, while Rihanna recently tried out another company’s ruby version, making gem polishes a trend to watch. Azature was savvy enough to put out a $25 alternative, though (for those of you counting, that’s 1/10,000 of the cost!) – and each bottle is said to have one real black diamond in it. But what do think of the idea of a $250,000 polish? I mean I would love to try it out at the nail salon, but imagine the sadness of having to slough the carats off your fingers and throw them in the trash!

Available at Ron Robinson for $25.



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