Balenciaga Panoramic Close Bag: Long View

Not too long ago, I found myself so in love with Balenciaga’s Tube bag, I bought it immediately. But when it arrived, the buckle on the strap was already broken, so I had to send it right back. I was a heartbroken snob and thought I was done with Balenciaga. Never say never! Something more enticing has made an entrance.

The Panoramic has the Tube’s same easy-to-wear shoulder functionality, but the sportier shape and open-top design fall more in line with the way I use bags (I am not about high security; I want quick access). Yes, there’s still a buckle on the strap, but this one seems more protected, thanks to leather backing. If that sounds like rationalization, it is. It’s an instance of love so much I am willing to take a risk, no matter what! I’m currently tracking down a black version with navy trim. Clay is neutral and great, but the color-blocked vib is ehh, while black and navy is an eternal classic. At Barneys New York for $1,945.

Pair with: I also love the pull-on ease of a motorcycle boot. This season brings favorites from Bottega Veneta ($990), Giuseppe Zanotti ($1,360), Chloé ($1,145), Pierre Balmain ($1,575), and Fiorentini & Baker ($545), all of which blend nicely with the Panoramic, depending on how you want to style it.

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