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Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime: Steal His Watch

Breitling David Beckham

I have been wearing men’s watches for years and although this Breitling is way more masculine than any of the ones I have, I can get it for my husband and borrow it when the mood strikes. Perfect compromise, right? Breitling does make the ultimate men’s watches. Crafted for pilots and divers, these Swiss-made beauties are built to endure anything. The globe decorating the face of the Transocean Chronograph Unitime is a subtle reminder that this watch was made for a world traveler (the city bezel even comes in a few different languages)! With this piece, you can see what time it is anywhere in the world – helpful for business or if you just want to know whether or not it’s too late to call your friend in Hawaii! And when you’re globetrotting, changing your time zone requires only a quick click of the crown forwards or backwards and the whole operation fixes itself. It retails for $11,200, but that really depends on which style you choose. You can get the Unitime in rose-gold or stainless steel, with a leather strap or a steel band – ask your man what he wants for the holidays…or just ask yourself.

Available at your Breitling retailer.



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