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By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer: Bright Eyes

By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer in Light

No matter how much sleep you get or how well you manage your stress, the reality is that some people will always have dark circles under their eyes. A lot of the reason has to do with skin tone. If you’re pale, your veins are more visible. When that’s the case, the simple solution is covering up! By Terry’s hyaluronic primer gives you not only that coverage, but the added bonus of eye-plumping treatment. Part of the cause of dark circles is dehydration, so pound down the water and hydrate your skin with this enriching formula. Hyaluronic acid (don’t let the name scare you!) is often injected into the mouth and other facial areas to repair cells and smooth over deep wrinkles. For those of you like myself preferring a topical application, By Terry is the way to get your fix.

But back to the primer’s coverage! You can apply concealer over it if you want to, but this is really great even on its own (unlike all of those clear primers, this one comes in a multitude of shades). Use it on your eyelids, too! The importance of primer in makeup application is not stressed enough. This base keeps eye shadow from fading and enhances its colors. It also helps keep everything in place, so that at the end of a long day, you still look fresh-faced! At Barneys New York for $47.



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  1. I have tried just about everything to get rid of those nasty dark circles. I actually started wearing glasses just to help cover them up- but I think I’m gonna try this eye primer instead. Fingers crossed!!!!