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Charles Philip Sues the Gap: Smoke Them Out

Charles Philip Shanghai Velvet Loafer

Charles Philip is suing the Gap for copying his famous smoking slipper design. The Gap loafers in question carry his trademark stripes on the inside, the same color scheme, and oh yeah, his name! It’s one thing to draw inspiration from a designer – mass retailers do that all the time, diffusing new styles into stores that everyone can afford to shop at. But to completely rip off a design? That’s a game changer, and one that Philip won’t stand for. The retail giant seems to have copied not just one shoe but his entire line! In a real blow to the chest, his lawyer told the New York Post, “This is what you’d expect to find on Canal Street.” Harsh but so true! I suppose Gap might have gotten away with this if it hadn’t named the shoes (allegedly) after Philip, calling them “Phillip Slippers” (did they think one more L would fool us??). What do you think – is Gap guilty?



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