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Charlotte Olympia Tweetie Parrot Pouch & Birdcage Clutch Set: Bird’s Eye View


You can’t get better than this when you want to go all out kitsch, and you can’t count on anyone for it quite like Charlotte Olympia. The woman knows how to balance old-school glamour with modern-gal camp, so you get your conversation piece without sacrificing your sense of chic.

This parrot may be caged, but she’s full of life. Actually, it reminds of the old men in Hong Kong who bring their birds in their cages to the park every morning, where they all sit, have tea, and share their birds. When I see them, it makes me want a portable bird, too, and now I can – without the mess and squawking. Charlotte’s clever design includes pouch with zipper on top for your things but really, it’s not about your things. It’s about the birdcage and the rainbow-feathered Tweetie in it. The genius handle allows you to carry it as you should: dangling gracefully, like a real gilded cage hangs from a ceiling. You’ll have to get over the oohing and ahhing as you go about your day. You can expect to rattle all your onlookers’ cages – in a spectacular way, of course. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcusicon for $925 (expect delivery by December 7th).

Pair with: Now is not the time for a pair of Olympia’s fabulously quirky platforms. Instead, opt for a classic pair by Miu Miu. Their canary-yellow, peep-toe Mary Janes match your pet without matchy-matching. Available for pre-order at Barneys New York for $690 (expect delivery in March).

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