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Dr.Ci:Labo Basic Black Charcoal Cleansing Gel: Clean Coal

Dr.C:Labo Charcoal Cleanser

This innovative cleanser is made from black charcoal. Grossed out? Don’t be! It may sound like you’ll get dirty, rather than clean, but the truth is that this natural substance draws out oil and impurities, while also neutralizing your pH for a pleasant deodorizing effect. I’ve used charcoal soap in the past (my mom brought it back from Japan), and I 100% loved it! Dr.Ci:Labo’s (a Japanese company, natch!) charcoal gel activates with water, but you only need a few tiny drops – then massage in circular motions to help the process along. This paraben-free cleanser was designed for oily skin, and while I don’t have that, it was great at getting off every last bit of makeup and giving me an instant detox. When you hear that a product is made for oily complexions, it can make you want to run for the hills in fear of parched, stripped skin, but this gel left me perfectly at peace. Like actual charcoal pieces, it’s opaque black, which is pretty cool, but make sure you get it all off before nuzzling into an expensive towel. It’ll come off in the wash, so don’t have a panic attack, but hey, why bother with the trouble when you can avoid it altogether?

Available at Amazon for $38.



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