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Edun and Matt Bernson: Colorful Camouflage

Camouflage’s actual purpose is to conceal, but these shoes will definitely make you stand out! Contemporary fashion brand Edun and shoe designer Matt Bernson came together to create this camo-inspired, handmade shoe collection. I’m not normally a fan of the army pattern, but they keep is classy and inject some new life into the print, making it almost abstract. Combining trends from the last few seasons with Edun’s Spring 2013 urban camo and etched floral detailing, the collaboration reimagines six of Bernson’s classic shoes (ranging in price from $165 to $235). My favorite is the smoking slipper. I love how the sleek black leather trim relaxes the camo. But it seems like they’ve printed this design on literally every shoe imaginable, so the choice is yours!

Since Edun is dedicated to promoting trade with Africa (the line was founded by Bono!), they acquired Kenyan canvas for the shoes, and even arranged for Bombalulu artisans to print the fabric. This socially responsible production works well into the overarching concept of the line – bringing together different worlds, in this case African craftsmanship and innovative New York design. Keep an eye out for when this collection springs into stores in March 2013.



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