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Eva Longoria Shops in Valentino Reveling Booties

I’m pretty sure Eva Longoria is one of the few people out there who could pair these Valentino Reveling booties with a sweatshirt and jeans and not look insane. Longoria is one of those petite people whom I’m always jealous of because they make everything look cute and trendy while I would look like a giant messy lunatic in the exact same outfit. These booties are dressed-up edge with patent leather and suede covered in silver studs. These shoes are bold and fierce and could be worn with anything from a cocktail dress to apparently, a laid back-casual Saturday outfit like Longoria sported. I’d probably stick with some Jean Paul Gaultier Stretch Velvet Leggings like the ones seen here with a silk blouse with these booties, but like I said, if Eva can pull these off casual-chic, maybe you can too. Get the closed-toe version at Neiman Marcus for $1195.


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