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Five Essentials: eBay Edition

We are so excited to partner with eBay, my late-night addiction and secret spot for snobby scores. Even more fun than buy-it-now shopping is surfing the auctions! It’s such a thrill to witness the last few minutes of an auction in real time. I have a system: I place an early bid on an item, just to gauge the competition. Then I wait patiently, until the final 30 seconds to place my maximum bid (don’t give away your hand too early or else you’ll drive up prices before the end!). Sure, it’s sneaky, but all’s fair in love and on eBay!

1. Travel

Vintage Goyard Trunk: Louis Vuitton who? Goyard is the original in monogrammed luxury luggage. Founded in 1792, they are the longest-living Parisian trunk-makers, no contest. Which makes this serious collector’s item all the more special. Pay a nod to old-world luggage – or use it as a great piece of furniture. Buy it now for $8,400.

2. Tote

Balenciaga City Tote Bag: Nicholas Ghesquiere’s departure from Balenciaga this month will ensure the collectibility of the first ‘it’ bag created under his helm, and the crossbody option is spot-on for right now. Bidding starts at $36.

3. Treasure

Hermès Crocodile Kelly: There is no way I could settle on just one Kelly bag. A crocodile Kelly is a thing of rare beauty—and an object of incomparable desire (with a no-joke price tag to match). Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out! Bidding starts at $56,999.

4. Trendy

Céline Python Box Bag: Yes, Céline is the ultimate in the realm of Trendy bags, but this sleek number is also a longtime keeper. Especially in neon-hued python, this chic box bag is a win-win situation. Bidding starts at $3,399.

5. Clutch

Chanel Gold Jacquard Clutch: And then there is Chanel. A clutch should always feel special. This golden jacquard will elevate your evening, no matter what you end up doing. With a slim yet angular silhouette reminiscent of vintage Chanel, this is a collector’s piece at a sweet price. Buy it now for $650.


Hermès Kelly Briefcase: Ever seen a Kelly briefcase before? I didn’t think so! This unusual number is seriously striking, and not just because it’s delivered in delicious bright orange. The stirring effect of the Kelly with the professional vibe of a traditional attaché case. Bidding starts at $6,999.

Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa Vincennes Leather Hobo: Remember when you weren’t anybody without a Mombasa horn atop your shoulder? It seems like a lifetime ago, and that’s precisely why this nearly vintage item is due for a comeback. The Baroque-inspired detailing on this hobo makes it a must. Buy it now for $1,199.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fascination Lockit Bag: Fascinating, indeed. Puffy, touchable, stamped, and slick, those trusty monograms get a well-deserved 3D makeover. Out of the Fall 2011 collection, this is a collector-level bag you’ll pull time and again from your wardrobe, when the moment is right. Bidding starts at $1,550.

This post is part of eBay Finders, a new partnership that presents collections of items curated by a carefully selected group of style setters. Find more inspiration at eBay Fashion #eBayFinders

Vintage Goyard Trunk

Balenciaga City Tote Bag

Hermès Crocodile Kelly

Céline Python Box Bag

Chanel Gold Jacquard Clutch

Hermès Kelly Briefcase

Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa Vincennes Leather Hobo

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fascination Lockit Bag

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