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Juice Beauty Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask: Green Apple, Green Living

Juice Beauty Green Apple Mask

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and by doctor I mean dermatologist! The main ingredient in Juice Beauty’s organic facial skincare line is apple juice. That’s right – the same stuff we feed our tots with in juice boxes can feed our skin! To prevent cell damage and revive your top-layer tissues, slather on their facial rejuvenating mask. The juicy (I would use another word, but it’s just so dead-on!) texture is cooling and you can feel it absorbing for the whole 10 minutes. It’s like a gel, only not sticky. I like to heap on the hydration and just relax. They tell you to apply a generous layer, so I won’t even use the pump to get the gel out – just screw off the top and dig in!

What’s great about Juice is that their skincare ranges in harshness from not at all to strong enough to make your face red for an hour (sometimes it’s nice to feel the burn!), so you can find whatever suits your skin. This mask will work for everyone, though! The organic white grape in it ensures that it’s not at all harsh and leaves your skin baby soft. Has anyone ever actually told you that? Well, get ready – they’re about to! You can use it up to a few times a week or just whenever you feel like getting back that newborn glow. At Juice Beauty for $32.



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